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Manitoba Explorers
By Phyllis Briercliffe

This has been a quiet summer for Manitoba Explorers. Those campers who went to the Corn and Apple Festival reported that a good time was had by all. We are looking forward to former members and new friends to join us at our September Rally. If you are ever interested in joining us call Wayne Smith at (204) 222-7393. We would really welcome you!

Keep on camping until the snow piles up on your camp doors and ice covers the windows.



Happy Campers – Dundalk
By Virginia Pray

The spring campout will be held at the Bracebridge Fairgrounds, June 9-13, 2019. Registration of Explorer RV Club members began at Sloan fall campout. Registration fee is $25 per person, camping fee is $100 (for four nights). More details to come in future issues.

Contact Ken and Virginia Pray at or (705) 765-6315

Happy Campers Fall Campout – Scone 2018
By Virginia Elliott

Beautiful weather kept us outside most of the time this year. It wasn’t hard with the many games such as bocce, bean bag baseball, and washer toss to play. There was also a miniature golf course that we used for a fun tournament. At the market in Keady we got to take in all the colours and smells and exciting atmosphere of an outdoor market and this one didn’t disappoint. The food was delicious and let’s face it, we all enjoyed it more when we don’t have to plan or cook the meals. There were lots of volunteers helping to prepare and cook and make sure everything went smoothly. A surprise birthday party the night before the scheduled events was a great way to catch up with people on what had gone on over the summer. It made a good start to a wonderful week. There was an interesting tour of the Bruce Nuclear Facility that many enjoyed followed by a lunch in Chesley. The Babin Cook House was small place but served excellent food and lots of it. Our last night was a “Monster Mash / 50’s – 60’s” theme with lots of fun things planned and music to dance to. How long has it been since you had a root beer float? They still taste great! There was a series of questions from the era that each table tried to answer. No one got them all, but it was fun doing it. Lots of dancing and as usual it was a lot of the women who loved the fast dances. A drinking game with a board and four cups for four volunteers went over well. Thanks go to Barb and Ken, Kathy and Ken, Sharon and Curtis, and Lyn and Ray, who did such a wonderful job in planning and running the campout.

Quinte Wagoneers Chapter
By Bill van der Valk

Our August camp found us in Rideau Acres Campground, a stone’s throw from Kingston, Ontario. Our hosts had reserved a number of sites in the group area and we all settled down in that area. Thankfully the weather was sunny and warm for the weekend. We had our Meet and Greet on Friday, just an excuse to eat and consume beverages, followed by a light dinner and then a small campfire. Just too hot to have a big blaze. On Saturday we had a 10 o’clock coffee and then most of us left the park to explore Kingston and the 1000 Islands. That evening we had a wonderful Pot Luck dinner outdoors on an empty site and then another small campfire. After Sunday’s coffee, half of our group left and then the remainder of us split in half. The women went shopping and the men stayed back and consumed beverages.

In September we went to Riverwood Campground in Lindsay. We were a little spread out but we all managed to gather around the host’s trailer from time to time. Saturday’s Pot luck was held in the campground’s community hall and we had more members at dinner than we had camping. Lots of day visitors.

Our final camp for 2018 was at Quinte’s Isle Campark and we had 13 rigs attend. This is our annual Thanksgiving Dinner camp and we were all extremely grateful for the good food and company. We had our annual AGM and voted in a new President and Vice President.

Our last event for the year will be our Christmas luncheon. The date and location haven’t been set yet, but it will be in late November in the Brighton area.

Please accept our best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

Southwestern Ontario Chapter
By Martha Knight

We have had a wonderful camping season. Our last campout of the season was held near Camlachie at Lakewood Christian Campground. At this time, we held our annual general meeting and discussed plans for next year’s campouts.

In August we gathered at Wildwood Golf and RV Resort in McGregor, Ontario. Some of our members played golf, many enjoyed dinner at the clubhouse and everyone enjoyed our evening campfires. As a special treat one evening we had a movie night under the stars. We shared popcorn and watched Robin Williams muddle his way on a family vacation in the movie “RV”. We also had a beginning to paint session with our resident artist. All participants did a wonderful job and came away with a lovely picture of a sunset.

For additional information contact Martha Knight at

Newfoundland and Labrador

Newfoundland and Labrador Chapter
By Gerry and Doreen Noseworthy

It is with great pride and admiration that we bring the good news to you this evening of our replacements for Ambassadors of the Explorers RV Clubs of Newfoundland and Labrador. They are none other than Vicki and Wayne Pennell. This couple reflects everything wonderful about the meaning of true friendship and fellowship. They have been members of the Explorers RV Clubs of Canada for at least 10 years and are avid travellers and campers. They spend their summers exploring regions of the Country and areas of the Province every year, making friends and spreading the Newfoundland hospitality wherever their travels take them. For many, if not most of you, they need no introduction. For those of you who don’t know them, it won’t take you long to figure all this out once you meet them. It is certainly our honour and privilege to have recommended them to National as our replacements. I’m sure they’ll do the Province proud and will work hard on your behalf as your new Explorer RV Ambassadors. I know you will give them the same warm welcome you always gave us and they will respond in kind.

Congratulations Vicki and Wayne! May your journeys bring you much satisfaction and happiness as Ambassadors of the Explorers RV Clubs of Newfoundland and Labrador! We wish you all the best.

Thank you to each and every RV Explorer from both Chapters in Newfoundland. It has been an exceptional experience to have served as your Ambassadors these past eight years. We both want to thank you for your warmth and hospitality, but most of all for the wonderful friendships we have made and nurtured along the way. Our lives are so much richer because of you.

May you all enjoy good health, happiness and safe travels as you continue to journey together as proud RV Explorers. We hope that our paths will continue to cross as we move forward. God speed!

Newfound Chapter
By Doug Barnes

For those who read my previous update you would have heard about the rather unpleasant weather we experienced in late June at our first rally. Well how that all changed! We have just come through (and it isn’t over yet at the time of writing) one of our best summers for weather. Hot, humid, and just a little rain from early July to mid September – great weather for camping. The Newfound Chapter held our last rally for the year on September 4, 5 and 6 at the Shriner’s RV Park on the Eastport peninsula and then moved to Terra Nova National Park for September 7, 8, 9 and 10. Our usual meet and greet was held on the first afternoon followed by a card game in the evening. We had outdoor games followed by a barbeque on the second day. A short group meeting followed our pot luck dinner on the third day before moving on to Terra Nova the next day. Brilliant sunshine and warm temperatures stayed with us through our stay in the National Park as did the clear evenings, so we had a campfire three of the four nights we were there. During the campfires we did lots of chatting, star gazing, and satellite spotting. During the day several of the group went seeking the elusive (this year) blueberry. One evening we commandeered one of the park cookhouses and cooked a delicious Jigg’s Dinner. While that was our last group get-together for the year, some members are still planning to make the most of our continuing weather and get out for another camping session before the end of the season. Our next group function will be our annual Christmas dinner in late November.